MO3 – 2002 Through Wall

From: £134.57

Front opening, rear retrieval, powder coated letterbox – suitable for installing in banks for multi-occupancy sites




  • Telescopic case extending from 260-500mm*
  • Chute 1mm thick electrogalvanised steel
  • Front plate aluminium
  • Finished with a 100% polyester powder coat in a choice of colours
  • Anodised and Satin Stainless Steel finish available 
  • Each flap is fitted with a gasket to ensure water-tightness
  • Lockable rear door and supplied with two keys
  • Complies with   BS EN13724 and Royal Mail
  • 10 year guarantee – excepting in exposed coastal areas
  • Aperture 325mm x 30mm

* Telescopic case available: 260 – 380mm or 380 – 500mm
Please state which size is required when ordering.

Optional additional features:

  • Engraving of numbers/letters
  • Master keying
  • Anti theft locks
  • Anti arson extinguisher
  • Intercom systems
  • 1 box arranged 1w x 1h 350w x 125h
  • 2 boxes arranged 1w x 2h 350w x 250h
  • 3 boxes arranged 1w x 3h 350w x 375h
  • 4 boxes arranged 1w x 4h 350w x 500h
  • 4 boxes arranged 2w x 2h 700w x 250h
  • 5 boxes arranged 1w x 5h 350w x 625h
  • 6 boxes arranged 1w x 6h 350w x 750h
  • 6 boxes arranged 2w x 3h 700w x 375h
  • 7 boxes arranged 1w x 7h 350w x 875h
  • 8 boxes arranged 2w x 4h 700w x 500h
  • 9 boxes arranged 3w x 3h 1050w x 375h
  • 10 boxes arranged 2w x 5h 700w x 625h