Made for the Historic Dockyard Museum in the Falklands, these individual letters and bespoke logo are all cast in solid polyurethane, a material designed to withstand the diverse weather conditions of their location.
Each letter is approximately 450mm high and the logo just under 2m in height.

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Signs of the Times are experts in the manufacture of architectural signs. With over 30 years in the business and a talented and knowledgeable staff we are more than happy to accept a challenge.
Our business is bespoke signs and particularly signs with detail in relief. Letters, border, logos, motifs and complicated coats of arms stand proud of the base or can be engraved.
Signs can be single or double sided (two cast panels fixed back to back), even curved to fit convex or concave walls.
Mostly cast in polyurethene, however larger signs are cast in grp (fibre glass) which is lighter and very strong.
Shapes & Sizes
Our architectural signs are mainly limited only by our customers’ imagination.
Design & Artwork
Clients are encouraged to liaise with us at an early stage when our designers will be pleased to discuss their requirements.
Signs can be mounted into a bespoke metal framework, onto posts or hanging brackets.
For further information regarding materials, fixings etc please see our FAQ’s

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