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London Street Sign - Poplar
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Street Signs come in many formats, with varying styles of letters or including logos and coats of arms.

Our street signs are mostly cast in polyurethane but occasionally customer's choice or planning regulations demand that they are cast in aluminium or even iron and bronze. We are able to meet all of these requirements.

Shapes & Sizes:
Mostly a single line street name is approximately 150mm deep by what ever length is required.
Corners can be bespoke as the example shown, made for Carlisle Town Council.
Letter styles can also be reproduced as required.

Finish & Appearance:
Castings with letters, borders, logos, motifs and complicated coats of arms are all realised in relief and hand painted by our talented artists.


We usually drill our street signs and always supply brass dome headed fixings painted to match.
Other options include railing kits, studs to the back for cementing into wall or mounted onto freestanding sign boards such as the Rous Road Shops example.

For more examples regarding matrials, posts and fixings see our FAQ's

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Cast street sign with scalloped corners, Times New Roman style letters finshed goldUK Sign on Street