As a specialist commemorative sign maker we can assist you whether its an historical event or an ancient building you wish to commemorate.

Signs cast in polyurethane, aluminium, bronze and brass. Etched 3mm thick aged bronze with the letters filled cream. Composite signs made of engraved bronze and cast polyurethane such as the Biggleswade example.

Shapes & Sizes
Any shape or size is possible. Circular and oval signs are very popular but often the text and motif content dictate the best shape. Memorial signs are often made to match an existing sign that may be 100 or more years old.

Finish & Appearance
Letters, border, logos, motifs and complicated coats of arms are all realised in relief with a sand cast texture background. Polyurethane castings are painted whilst bronze cast signs are lightly acid etched with the relief areas lightly polished.

Design & Artwork
Clients are encouraged to send us any artwork, size and shape details at an early stage so that we can assist in the design. Our experienced designers can often work from thumbnail sketches, drawings and photographs to achieve your design.

Signs can be drilled for wall fixing or supplied with hidden stud fixings on the reverse.

For further information regarding materials, posts and fixings see our FAQ's.

To make an enquiry complete the form using the link below giving as much detail as possible regarding your requirements.
We will respond promptly.

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