Bronze cast plaques have been erected on buildings and memorials for centuries. Whether they are a head and shoulders sculpture, a whole story or just text our signs are used on government and historical buildings, in parks, set into pavings and on houses.

Bronze is an alloy of predominately copper with zinc, tin and lead. Our Bronze castings are normally in gunmetal (LG2 bronze) or in phosphor bronze. Bronze has excellent resistance to corrosion and over time develops a beautiful patina

Shapes & Sizes
Shapes and size are to customer specification.
We also make replacement parts to refurbish old signs, fountains, statues etc.

Finish & Appearance
Cast signs usually have letters, borders, logos, motifs and complicated coats of arms realised in relief with a sand cast texture background. Relief areas are usually polished adding contrast between the various elements. Different textures are used to highlight sections and paint can be applied if required.

Design & Artwork
Clients are encouraged to send us any artwork, size and shape details at an early stage so that we can assist in the design. Our experienced designers can often work from thumbnail sketches, drawings and photographs to achieve your design.

Signs can be drilled for wall fixing. Cast bronze is often supplied with bosses cast on the reverse to make a small section thicker. These areas can then be drilled and tapped to receive stainless steel studding.

For further information regarding materials, posts and fixings see our FAQ's

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