Bold beautiful individual letters with your logo faithfully reproduced. We specialise in manufacturing solid cast polyurethane letters painted any RAL colour. We also supply flat cut and and built up lettering in a wide range of materials. Back lit letters using LED's and fixings to suit many substrates.

Flat cut stainless steel and plastics with stand-off fixings, chunky cast letters in polyurethane or bronze.
Logos can be cut out shapes or cast in various materials to achieve the right effect.

Shapes & Sizes
We can make letters and logos any size and typeface to suit.

Finish & Appearance
Castings are painted any RAL colour or combination of colours. Self coloured plastics, polished or satin finish stainless steel, bronze or brass. Fixings are generally hidden behind the letters and built up letters can be back lit with white or coloured LED's.

Design & Artwork
Clients are encouraged to send us any artwork, size and typeface details at an early stage so that we can assist in the design. Our experienced designers can often work from thumbnail sketches, drawings and photographs to achieve your design.

Generally stud fixing or brass locators. Sometimes fixed to rails to minimise the fixing points on a listed building, or as in the case of the "brookes" example, fitted into paving..

For further information regarding materials, posts and fixings see our FAQ’s

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