Newmarket Boundary Sign
Cheadle Boundary Sign

King Charles III coronation cypher. The brand new Royal cypher isreproduced in full relief presented in a choice of finishes.

Cast in a solid rigid polyurethane, an inert material that will withstand the elements for many years to come. 

Shapes & Sizes
Whilst most commemorative plaques are circular and can vary in size, the new cypher can be added to a shape of your choice.

Finish & Appearance
Letters, borders, logos, motifs and complicated cyphers are all realised in relief. Background colours are spray finished and the relief detail is all hand painted by our talented artists.

Design & Artwork
Clients are encouraged to send us any artwork, size and shape details at an early stage so that we can quote accurately and assist in the design.

Signs can be single or double sided, and curved to fit concave or convex walls. They can be through face drilled for wall fixing or alternatively supplied with hidden fixings. We can supply posts, complete with all fixings.

For further information regarding materials, posts and fixings see our FAQ’s